Group Workshops

Health practitioners and other health sector workers operate in environments that are increasingly challenging, complex and open to scrutiny. Our group workshops support participants to gain insight, improve knowledge and learn skills to ensure best practice in the clinical setting.

The Carramar Approach

Education Programs can be designed for registered health practitioners and other health sector workers, using our unique approach:

  • 1. Consult

    We consult with the client to determine learning needs of the group

  • 2. Develop

    We develop a learning program which may include a self-paced learning component as well as the face-to-face workshop

  • 3. Approve

    The client approves the education program

  • 4. Deliver

    We deliver the program using a range of learning methods and strategies

  • 5. Report

    We provide a report detailing the group’s engagement with the program and specific feedback

  • 6. Review

    We review program development and delivery and improve it as required


Our workshops:

Health Sector

Health Specific

Provide quality professional development led by health sector experts.

Tailored A


Are tailored to meet the specific learning needs of your workforce



Include our core module which covers topics on legislation, standards and professional practice.

Variety of Topics

Variety of Topics

Cover a broad range of topics, with multiple additional modules that can be added to the core module.

Expert Staff

Expert Staff

Provide content that has been peer reviewed by health sector experts and regularly updated to reflect current, evidence-based practice.

Tailored B

Support Change

Assist participants to develop strategies to manage and sustain behavioural change.

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