Change Management

Undergoing change at your organisation and need assistance to manage the transformation gracefully? We avoid a “one-size-fits-all” approach to change management. Instead, we assist organisations within the health sector undergoing change by providing quality change management services through a client-tailored approach.


Carramar Consulting has a proven track record in applying a planned and structured process to undergo change, from the vision, to the strategy and the implementation. Considerable experience and expertise enable us to successfully guide organisations to create and implement change to achieve desired outcomes. As each organisation is different, with its own structure, history, culture and needs, the approach that we take is always relevant to the unique circumstances within the organisation.

Carramar Consulting can assist organisations to undergo small scale local change or large scale organisational change. Our change management services include:

  • Planning: develop and document objectives and ways structural change will achieve them
  • Defining Governance: establish appropriate organisational structures, roles, and responsibilities that engage stakeholders and support the change effort
  • Committing Leadership: facilitate ongoing commitment from all levels of the organisation to guide organisational behaviour and lead by example
  • Informing Stakeholders: secure stakeholder groups’ support of the change by working with them to understand what the change means. Help stakeholder groups make the transition and overcome any challenges that arise
  • Aligning Workforce: assist organisations to identify the human impacts of the change. Develop plans to align individual behaviour and skills to ensure employees have the capacity to adapt effectively in the new environment


If you would like to learn how Carramar Consulting can help your organisation successfully implement change, please contact

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