Planning and Consulting

Carramar Consulting focuses on the key issues, opportunities and challenges facing our clients in the health industry. We work across the public and private health sectors, including primary and community health, locally, nationally and internationally. To support our clients to grow and develop, we help them leverage and manage change, reduce costs, and operate more effectively and efficiently. We can diagnose the problem, design a solution, plan the implementation and execute accordingly, as we are experienced in redesigning models of care and development. We have an extensive understanding of the health environment including current issues and future trends.

Our history of advising clients in the health sector has increased our ability to conduct health service planning. We work alongside design teams to plan health facilities and services plans into built designs. Our team has worked extensively across the health industry in clinical, operational, policy, business and management roles, service evaluations process, health policy development and review. Carramar Consulting combines technical excellence and creative thinking to add value to any project. We carefully match the right consultant to individual assignments to ensure excellent outcomes.

We are committed to helping our clients implement enduring and positive results.

Our services cover nine broad areas

Health Service and Facility Planning

Carramar Consulting is a preferred provider of health service and facility planning advice. We offer consulting to public and private sector clients within the health industry across Australia.


General Health Consultancy and Advisory

We are a team of healthcare specialists providing quality health services management and health services planning advice.


Health Professional Practice Reviews And Audits

We provide meaningful feedback on a health practitioner’s clinical practice and the outcomes of care. Obtaining a comprehensive and informative peer review is an important part of maintaining and enhancing your clinical and professional skills as a health practitioner.


Regulatory Advice in the Health Arena

We are experts in professional practice frameworks.


Clinical Governance

We work with clients to embed the principle of clinical governance into locally appropriate structures, processes, roles and responsibilities.


Corporate Governance

We facilitate the development of more proactive, productive, and effective boards resulting in improved company performance.


Strategic Planning

We work with organisations to assess needs. We then develop and implement customised, actionable, strategic plans to help organisations meet their needs and objectives.


Project Management

We have expertise and extensive experience in project management within the health sector. We are able to provide effective and tailored solutions to meet client requirements and objectives.


Change Management

Undergoing change at your organisation and need assistance to manage the transformation gracefully? We avoid a “one-size-fits-all” approach to change management. Instead, we assist organisations within the health sector undergoing change by providing quality change management services through a client-tailored approach.