What We Do


Carramar Consulting Pty Ltd is a specialist health consulting company that works with clients in the public and private health sectors. Carramar Consulting work to advance the skills and abilities of professionals from the health, human services and aged care sectors.

shaping the future of health

Our clients come from the health, human services & aged care sectors

Carramar is a flexible customer-focused consultancy and advisory provider operated by a team of skilled and valued professionals. We are committed to transferring professional knowledge to achieve increasingly effective and efficient health services.  

We are motivated to deliver excellent services on time and within budget to our clients. We have a proven record of applying workable solutions that help organisations innovate, grow and gain leverage in the industry. Our highly skilled and professional team have developed a reputation for responsiveness and competency. We work collaboratively with the client to develop and implement smart, practical and sustainable solutions that meet their needs and those of the health industry.

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Carramar Consulting delivers practical, effective solutions to meet the needs of our clients. We help public and private agencies to plan, design, review and develop their services and business operations.