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How do you guarantee the results you talk about? (Click to expand)

We have a number of quality systems in place to ensure our results are the highest quality possible. Carramar Consulting is accredited under the ISO 9001:2008 quality management standard for its quality management system and processes. Activities that form part of our continuous quality improvement approach include:

  • Regular reviews of the project team’s performance throughout major projects
  • A formal project review at the completion of every project
  • Actively seeking client evaluations of our performance during and at the completion of every project by one of the Directors.

What does Carramar Consulting do? (Click to expand)

Carramar Consulting focuses on the key issues, opportunities and challenges facing our clients in the health industry. We support our clients to grow, to leverage and manage change, to reduce costs, and to manage more effectively and efficiently. We are committed to helping you implement enduring and positive results.  We perform consulting on both capital projects and recurrent operations to ensure the best outcome for your health service. To see our services for Carramar Consulting, view our consulting services page.

What sets you apart from other consultants? (Click to expand)

We work collaboratively with the client to develop and implement smart, practical and sustainable solutions that meet their needs. With our extensive health and management expertise, we ensure the right mix of consultancy, advice, education and training to deliver what is essential to our client’s success.  In particular, our team combines extensive industry knowledge and expertise with strong capabilities in strategy, management, analysis, communication and project management. We understand healthcare planning, health facility planning and health service operations in detail and are skilled at working with executives, clinicians, administrators and staff to overcome complex issues and help position their organisation for the future.

How do you price your services? (Click to expand)

Our services are priced based on an estimate of the hours required to perform the scope of work for our client.  We work with our clients to ensure the scope is well understood and this information is clearly communicated to you and clarified so we can provide a fixed price with no requirement for scope changes.

Do you provide client references? (Click to expand)

Yes, we can either provide references or names of referees from other similar projects that we have performed.

How do you deal with proprietary or confidential information? Do you sign non-disclosure agreements? (Click to expand)

We work with data from state government providers and other providers.  We have a security policy and none of our data is stored in the cloud.  We do not accept patient identifying information, but all information is kept confidential.  We have signed a number of non-disclosure agreements previously.

Are your services offered Australia wide? (Click to expand)

Yes. We have offices in both Brisbane and Sydney, but have performed work in the majority of states in Australia and overseas.

Does Carramar have the capability to undertake capital and/or recurrent costing? (Click to expand)

Carramar Consulting provides business cases that include capital and recurrent costings.  We work with a number of quantity surveying companies to ensure the highest quality capital costings within business cases.  Our staff includes CPAs to provide recurrent cost analysis.

I’m interested in working for Carramar. Can I apply for a job? (Click to expand)

Resumes should be sent to  Previous experience in healthcare is a requirement for senior roles.

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